E-learning - how does it actually work?

E-learning with AMBYLON is the easiest, most convenient and smartest way for you to continue your education. Because with AMBYLON you can learn whenever and wherever you want!

Concentrated at your desk, comfortable on the sofa, relaxed on the balcony - simply find your personal favourite place and choose the course you would like to do next from our range. You can use the entire range of courses conveniently on any computer or mobile device.

And if you would prefer to move around the AMBYLON campus completely freely in 360*, attend your courses and network with other visitors, simply put on a pair of VR glasses and enjoy the latest generation of e-learning with AMBYLON in the VR version!

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Our course offers

The entire range of courses is available around the clock, every day of the year, in over 20 languages. You decide when and what you want to learn. You can access the browser-based 2D application immediately, for the 3D and VR applications you only need to download the AMBYLON app onto your hardware. The app is of course available free of charge in all popular app stores.

In this way, AMBYLON ensures that you can continue your education with a lot of fun and according to your own taste. Have fun with it!

Your advantages:

  • 100% time and location-independent learning
  • Possible on almost any computer and mobile device
  • All content and offers available in 2D, 3D and VR
  • Apps for 3D and VR available free of charge in all popular app stores
  • Certificates for all successfully completed courses
  • Constantly growing range of courses

The possibilities -
E-learning with Ambylon

You are ambitious and want to recommend yourself for higher tasks in your job through personal development? Are you looking for a new perspective and want to acquire knowledge that you don't yet have? Or are you simply curious and always keen to learn more?

In any case, you've come to the right place, because AMBYLON is your personal guarantee of success!

Our wide range of e-learning courses in over 20 languages offers you the opportunity to continue your education according to your personal needs, where and when you want. You will be accompanied by our AI-supported, digital lecturer AMBYLON.AI, who is always ready to help you and can answer any questions you may have.

By regularly expanding our range of courses, we ensure that you always have the best range of e-learning courses available in all job-related areas and that you are up to date in terms of your job.

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To an unparalleled learning experience with virtual reality. In the VR application, AMBYLON offers an immersive learning campus with additional features of interactivity, interpersonal exchange, networking, gamification and entertainment.

Experience with AMBYLON how individual, exciting, varied and always surprising learning can be!

Enjoy the best e-learning experience ever with your AMBYLON access!

Whichever you choose, you get unlimited access to all courses with each of the three offers. There are no hidden costs for registration or installation. Our prices are 100% transparent. In addition, you will receive a certificate for each completed course, which certifies your successful participation in the respective course.


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Discover the opportunities for your company with AMBYLON now

E-learning with AMBYLON is the most innovative way to qualify, motivate and loyalise your employees.

With its unique offering, AMBYLON is the only learning platform in the world that accompanies your employees to a highly qualified learning result with a customisable, motivating and promising learning experience!

But AMBYLON also offers unique added value for your company. Because AMBYLON is the stage that makes your company the leading actor.

In the VR application, AMBYLON offers your company the possibility of its own company island for digital summits, trade fairs, seminars, training courses, presentations and events with any number of visitors.

You have an infinite number of individual design and branding options that will make your company island on the AMBYLON campus just as attractive to your employees as it is to your customers and business partners!

AMBYLON is always simple, secure and discreet! We guarantee you and your company maximum data protection and do not collect or store any data on user behaviour.

The apps for the mobile application are available free of charge in every common app store.

And very important: AMBYLON can be integrated into any existing company periphery and requires only the most minimal technical requirements:

  • for 2D: browser-enabled terminal
  • for 3D: PC and internet connection
  • for VR: VR glasses and internet connection
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