E-Learning successfully in 2D:
Individually. Multilingual.

With AMBYLON, the online learning platform, the learning experience is now limitless and super easy. All you need is a browser-enabled device and Internet access. As a forward-looking model of digital learning, our e-learning platform offers a wide range of online courses in the IT sector as well as the chance for personal development and in other areas - the opportunity to continue your education wherever and whenever you want, digitally and innovatively.

For companies that want to offer next-level impulses for employee qualification and motivation. For interested individuals who are digitally skilled, but who also want to work ambitiously on themselves and their skills. AMBYLON is for everyone.

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The most innovative online learning platform with a limitless learning experience.

Simple, discreet and safe. Thanks to intuitive apps, the e-learning platform can be used on the fly, from anywhere in the world, and only requires minimal technical requirements. An Internet-enabled device and browser access are all you need.

AMBYLON's wide range of courses can be easily integrated into your life and work rhythm. The simple user interface offers you intuitive navigation between the individual courses. Learning on the pulse of time! Start your own educational journey now and discover the world of AMBYLON.

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AMBYLON is versatile

Our e-learning offer on the 2D surface

With AMBYLON as your online learning platform, you have the chance to participate in unique e-learning classes and workshops in over 20 languages. Exciting online courses in SAP, IT, business administration or project management await you - and the range of courses on the learning platform is continuously being expanded for the best learning experiences.

Discover what you really want to learn and experience the digital learning of tomorrow in the areas of software, didactics and management. If you have any questions, our AI-based tutor is always on your side to support you at the times when you learn best.

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Choose the course that suits your learning goals as best as possible from a unique range of courses on the AMBYLON e-learning platform.

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AMBYLON qualifies: E-learning offer for companies

As a platform providing the best e-learning experience, AMBYLON allows you to achieve a real level-up of your company. Through the differently designed online courses, employees are not only individually trained and qualified in an innovative way, but also motivated and even loyalized.

Education is a key advantage in competitiveness and an absolute benefit for companies and human resources management. Increase your company's reputation as an employer with AMBYLON as your e-learning platform. Offer each of your employees the opportunity for further training that can be adapted to their needs and work-learn-life balance.

Qualify now for the Employer of Tomorrow with AMBYLON's range of courses for Life-Long-Learning that is fun, intuitive and can be wonderfully integrated into everyday work.

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AMBYLON motivates: New impulses for consumers

Digitally affine, ambitious and open-minded towards innovative ideas and the latest technology. As an e-learning platform of a trend-setting and above all progressive way of learning, AMBYLON offers early adopters and interested parties alternatives to conventional online learning platforms. With us, you can not only discover the digitalization of learning, but experience it - in 2D, 3D or on a VR campus.

Advanced training and online schooling of the future. With AI-based teaching, just as with real instructors, content can be scrutinized more closely and unique learning experiences can be created through the insight of success..

Explore digital-relaxation or networking in addition to a modern, clear design and exciting online courses on an immersive e-learning platform. AMBYLON combines education, entertainment and gamification.

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An immersive e-learning platform with exciting digital content. Available anytime, anywhere...

Learning with AMBYLON: 5 reasons for the digital learning of tomorrow

An e-learning platform with special value learning - learning on all levels, with all senses. As an e-learning provider, AMBYLON creates a completely new learning scenario with digital media on demand. In terms of the digitalization of school and tomorrow's learning, AMBYLON's learning platform is the best choice for perfect learning results.

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#1 With all senses: Learning in 2D, 3D or VR We have developed the latest technologies of digital learning for your unique studying experience.

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#2 We speak variety: All courses in 20 languages All courses and services on the e-learning platform are available in more than 20 different languages. Accessible learning, every day.

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#3 From A-Z: A wide range of courses Advanced education and qualification is important to us, therefore we are constantly working on our course offerings and continuously expanding them for you.

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#4 Anywhere and anytime: Flexible use, location- and time-independent Mobile, from home or on the road. Our online interface and mobile apps are not only available for free in all app stores, they can be used anywhere, anytime. At any tempo, adapted to your lifestyle.

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#5 Education by professionals: AI-based tutor Our AI based tutor, AMBYLON.AI is always there for you and gives detailed answers and tips in all 20 languages.

AMBYLON is flexible: All service packages at a glance

Start now and experience digital training. Two- and three-dimensional - As a provider of a future-oriented form of digital learning and modern teaching, AMBYLON offers you, your team or company online courses and learning models of the future.


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