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With AMBYLON you are providing the decisive impetus for better education!

AMBYLON's aim is to enable everyone to find their way to high-quality further education. It has been scientifically proven that learning success is highest when learning in the language you know best. That's why we offer our e-learning courses in 20 languages and are constantly adding new ones. Take the next step towards the training of the future and secure access for you and your employees to a learning platform that speaks your languages!

AMBYLON is the digital platform for e-learning of the latest generation and offers completely location and time-independent learning in 2D, 3D or VR!

AMBYLON is geared to your personal needs!

Flexible time management is one of the buzzwords when it comes to further education. The courses offered by AMBYLON are tailored to your personal needs. Our courses and our AI lecturer AMBYLON.AI are available to you around the clock in 20 languages. Learn with AMBYLON where, when and how it suits you best.

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AMBYLON is versatile

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AMBYLON is versatile.

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